Today I am…

Enjoying watching my young dog sleep peacefully in his comfy bed.

Making lists of small journals to submit writing to.

Grateful for the new shade plants I potted for the front stoop.

Desperate for late October to arrive and bring an end to this Southern summer.

Wondering how well I will sleep tonight.

Eager to have my upstairs a/c unit fixed and broken dishwasher replaced.

Thankful for the anchor of Sunday Liturgy, its transforming peace and beauty.

Planning the week ahead: phone calls, appointments, projects.

Looking forward to yoga class and dog obedience class this week.

Smiling about the toads who hide in the sidewalk cracks during my evening walks and the small lizards who sneak into the house.

Missing home and family.

Hoping to do some paper crafts, beading, or simple sewing this week.

What are you up to?

Inspired by thesimplewoman and aliedwards.


DebD said...

what a lovely gentle entry. I posted my Daybook on my blog.

I'm also thankful for the anchor of Sunday's liturgy. To me it it is like the Sun w/ everything else during the week is just circling around.

Meadowlark Days said...

I love your analogy of Liturgy, Deb!