Today's Shutter Sisters' prompt finally made me sit down and figure out how to make diptychs, using some food photos from this spring. Quite easy! I was fascinated by the circles in each image, as well as the contrast between the healthy green peas and the less healthy breaded frozen onion rings.



Mimi said...

Both photos are lovely but I must admit, I prefer peas to onions.

Laura said...
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ELK said...

I am a peas girl ~ fun shot...I learned how today too!

Marfa said...

Now, I bet you could make a triptych, too, eh?
I use onions WAY more than peas in my cooking. I saute onions in olive oil to add to almost everything.

Emily said...

Oooh, fun!

I took a series of circular pictures when we visited the beach in May. I think a diptych is a great way to group them.

Can you do more than 2 pics at a time?

Meadowlark Days said...

I love peas, but I must admit I use onions much more.

Martha and Emily, yes, it would be just as easy to do a triptych, etc. We'll have to try it!