How my path has meandered in the last decade. As is so often said, where has the time gone? Summer 1998 saw me boarding an Amtrak train in western North Dakota (the closest stop to us, and not even in our own state!), taking the train across the West to Northern California to follow my boyfriend and seek my first post-undergraduate employment. Uncertainty and excitement marked that summer.

I’ve been blessed with a laidback life these days that fits my quiet personality. It’s hard to believe that I, a humble South Dakotan, ever competed with Ivy League grads for publishing jobs in the San Francisco area (I did find one!) and also volunteered many hours as a research assistant at a leading university. I also somehow amazingly made it in the tough rental market there, with some interesting, if not wonderful, renting experiences. We wandered North Beach often and drove to the coast nearly every weekend. It was a lovely time.

This summer was also the first time that we visited an Orthodox Christian church, a step that would lead us down a very unexpected path and to a new spiritual home.

I learned a lot that year. A lot came in between that year and now: a few more moves, marriage, grad school, becoming Orthodox, godchildren, a nephew, stepparents, lots of road trips. I’m a bit nostalgic for the newness of being on my own in a charming place, but I’m sure more adventures await.

How has your life changed in the last decade? What was 1998 like for you?


sweetsalty kate said...

What a gorgeous image, and wonderful memories too. Thanks so much for sharing!

Marfa said...

1998 I was in college...met my husband, too, we were in a drawing class together...I noticed him because of his amazing talent, he was so shy. Thankfully, we had a mutual friend who brought us together!

injustspring said...

I believe 1998 started with my first semester at USD. I had just returned from being an au pair in Stockholm and was grateful that you helped me get a room at the "barn" for my new adventure in Vermillion.

Cool pic, btw, and great blog!

Mimi said...

What a lovely reflection.

1998 - I had a two and seven year old, I'd been Orthodox about two years, my mom's first cancer diagnosis, and my uncle, grandfather, and FIL were dying of cancer as well, it wasn't a fabulous year for me.

art and beautiful junk said...

I 1998 I had just signed contracts with companies to reproduce my art. Something that I could not imagine. Now that is over. I was a grandmother 4 times now I have fourteen and 2 great grandchildren. My daughter was on drugs now she is clean. I was living with my husband in a very nice house. Now, I am raising 5 children. (two teenagers) We had lots of money. Now there is none. My mother was happy, now, last week she buried her sweetheart of 15 years. I feel like I am starting over completely. Only this time I am old. In 1998 I was fearless. Now I am afraid.