A New Favorite

Today for Tea Tuesday I will share that I have been drinking a lot of peppermint tea lately. I also like to add a bag of peppermint when I make iced tea for extra refreshment. But mint is one of those herbs that I don't dare plant in my own garden, given its amazing tendency to take over. Kind of like the variegated artemisia that I thought was so pretty last year, even though the nurseryman warned me it would take over. I've dug it out several times now and it keeps coming back - must need only the smallest fraction of a root to sprout new! But these photos are of another popular herb. Any guesses? It's parsley! It bolted after I trimmed it back six weeks ago, reaching three feet and developing these lovely flowers. I'm going to plant more just to enjoy the show next year. I've been admiring it a great deal. I'd make tea from it, but am not sure how palatable it would be!



I've missed the last two Tea Tuesdays (in-laws in town), but I'm excited to share this Turkish dessert with you. It is delicious enjoyed with a strong little cup of Turkish tea. Don't ask me to give you its proper name! It's a wonderful concoction from a restaurant that we frequent often, a pudding of types with slivered almonds on the inside and generous crushed pistachios on the outside. Dessert can be such a sweet spot in the midst of life. My fb friends may have already heard, but last week I was in the juror pool for a murder trial - so glad I was not selected. That would have been quite a challenge. I also had a sticky accelerator pedal in my truck the same day, and luckily stopped to have it checked out. It jammed on the mechanic who test-drove it! Thankfully no one was hurt, and it was a fairly easy fix. As mentioned, my in-laws were also here. My FIL went to town on our yard, pulling out bushes that died in the freeze, planting new ones, and stringing wire trellises for my jasmine. I was so thankful for his help out there. I need to pull a few more weeds, have it mulched, and then will probably ignore the garden until autumn, as the mosquitoes and warm weather are returning. I look forward to catching up with all of you!