Little Boys

Some of our favorite times each year are our visits with our godchildren. Exuberance, determination, curiosity, and unbounded energy mark the boys; their sister will undoubtedly show the same qualities as she grows. Visiting a park one afternoon, we urged the boys to race around the fountain. The older guys even got into the action, as did a girl who happened to be nearby. I love the freedom of the children's movement, the way their arms and legs swing into each next step. I chuckled quite a bit watching their progress, thankful for their playfulness, eager to see what paths they will race in the years ahead.
What makes you chuckle?

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Marfa said...

Sounds like great fun. There is a fun little fountain by my parents house, I've been meaning to walk down there with the girls, because you can walk through it, there is a metal grate where the water returns...