A while ago, Martha tagged me to share seven random things about myself. KatCollects also tagged me for six things, so I’m combining them. With no further ado, here goes:

My first job was at Burger King when I was 15. It lasted for three days before I fortunately got a job clearing logging slash and thistles at Mt. Rushmore, which was a much better option. I worked for the forest service the next two summers as well – it was delightful.

I love the sound of wind blowing around the house. There is nothing like wind to remind me of South Dakota.

One of my favorite albums is Hymns of Paradise, the Orthodox Christian funeral liturgy, chanted by Fr. Apostolos Hill. It is peaceful.

I don’t wear makeup or bother with my hair. I tried for awhile in junior high, but I was never successful and finally gave up! But I do end up feeling like I don’t fit in sometimes as a result.

I have one delightful sister. I always wished that I had more. So I am thankful for my close gal friends!

Sometimes when I go to bed, I remember how cozy it was to stay over at my grandma’s and imagine sleeping in her guest room on a snowy night. Or I imagine walking along Cannon Beach, Oregon, where I had a summer job, as I drift off. On those nights, I often dream about finding massive sea shells.

I enjoy people, but I need lots of quiet time to recharge. My days really are quite quiet.

If you’re reading this and want to join in, please consider yourself tagged!


Donna said...

That meal looks delish...what is it?

Linn said...

Oh, dear, I do not want to consider myself tagged. I never can seem to think of such clever things to write!
I know you stopped by my cozyliving blog from time to time and I think you might enjoy my new blog at http://peaceliving.wordpress.com/
I'll be sharing a lot of the same content as I did before, but there will be a much more emphasized spiritual theme there. I hope you'll stop by sometime soon.

Letters From Midlife said...

I enjoyed reading these things about you. I'll consider myself tagged but I'll probably wait until tomorrow to post at my blog so I can think about it!

Gina said...

Thank you for sharing these little tidbits about yourself, you are a very interesting person. I truly enjoyed reading them.

elizabeth said...

i enjoyed reading these too! blessed New Year!

KatCollects said...

I love reading more about you! And you made me hungry with those pictures : )

Mimi said...

Ooooh, I love the soudn of wind too, and agree that a BK job would be the pits.

Mimi said...

Happy Christmation Anniversary! Many Years!

Meadowlark Days said...

It was so nice to read all of your comments! Donna, the meal was our Christmas dinner, roasted new white potatoes and roast beef. I look forward to reading more about all of you on your blogs!

Brenda said...

A fun list! I wasn't tagged but followed the trail.

Anonymous said...

I need my quiet time too...and lots of it. Oh and the hair and makeup?! Pft, who cares. I'm with you sister, no thank you.

Marfa said...

Well done...it was fun to read! Thanks!!!

susie said...

Hi - I love those questions but, as another commenter said, never feel i am quite clever enough. Maybe i'll try, some of them seem quite fun. Don't feel you don't fit in not wearing make-up. I do wear it and feel I don't feel I fit in because of it.