Today at Shutter Sisters they ask how we typically view the world through our lens; what we are most comfortable shooting. I love my macro lens and I'm definitely more comfortable with shooting close up, trying to capture the small details. My husband is better at landscapes. I want to learn to expand my photographic vision.
Of course, to me this topic is more than just about how I see the world through my lens. It's also about what my vision of the world itself is, how I see myself and others, how I see God, how I make sense of my life. There have been times in my life when my vision has shifted for the better, usually through opportunities for growth that have come my way through friendships, nurturing spiritual environments, or travel. And then there have been times when my vision has shifted back to a smaller view. Like a camera lens, my vision of reality is sometimes adjusted to focus on different things depending upon the balance of influences in my life at the time. I pray for a steady focus, a wide angle view, while also being able to catch the small things that matter.
What is your focus on these days?
ps - We'll have a houseguest this week and I may not be back until next week! See you then.


elizabeth said...

it is hard to maintain and receive clear vision!

Have a good week with the house guest!

andie said...

Love how well you defined your vision. Macros are a favorite of mine too. So much detail that is missed when not seeing it through a lens.


ELK said...

vision means seeing things in many different ways ~you showed it beautifully and your words so eloquent!

Linn said...

What a nice metaphor...viewing life and viewing photographs. Something to strive for.

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

Thanks for sharing God's beauty around you. You obviously live in beautiful country. Jan

KatCollects said...

Hi Kristina,
Your photographs are beautiful. Thank you for the message on my blog. I am very excited to get the package, I will pull the rest of yours together in the next couple days and get it mailed out this coming week. Thank you

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture, it just fills me with sunshine, just what I need in the cold of Baku! No sunflowers around here.

Your writing makes me miss that part of the world, so beautifully written. x