Black Hills in Autumn #6

A few more Black Hills shots to share with you, taken along Spring Creek below the Sheridan Lake dam. This is another path that we've walked since childhood, another lovely amble near a creek. I was especially struck by the many types of grass growing and how beautiful it was as the sun shone on it. Photographing grass can be a challenge, and is certainly one I am still working on. What a beautiful walk on that cool autumn day!
We have been sorting and thinning out, hauling quite a few loads to Goodwill. (I love the idea of having a garage sale but I think it's more important for me to get rid of it immediately - otherwise I'm tempted to look through it again and start pulling stuff out to keep.) There is still a lot to go through, but clearing up more space in the house brings a sense of relief, a sense of being able to breathe a bit easier. My hope is that it will help make more room for what really matters in life.
What matters to you these days? What are you making room for?


elizabeth said...

lovely pictures yet again!

i think my sanity matters a lot these days; i am packing up my small apartment to move - i find it a challenge - esp. as i cannot know what i will put where (esp. decoration wise) until i am living in the space. so what to keep and what to give away is a challenge!

andie said...

The top pic is STUNNING!

Marfa said...

Either you're an amazing photographer, or I've missed how lovely the Black Hills are...next year we've talked about taking that trip out west, because this year we decided the rain and weather wasn't cooperating!

Letters From Midlife said...

As always, I love your pictures and am always blessed by them.

You know me, I'm the queen of getting rid of stuff! lol! It really does feel good to let go of things though, doesn't it? And it does make room for other things. I agree about sometimes just giving it to Goodwill to avoid thinking too much about it.

My goal in getting rid of excess stuff is always so I'm not dragged down by possessions that don't mean anything anymore. I want to have a sense of lightness and freedom to make decisions down the road, like maybe moving to a smaller home or even a different part of the country as the kids leave, wthout feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff we've accumulated.

Kimmie said...

this doesn't look anything like how I would imagine Texas to be :) ..... it seems much prettier than I thought!!!!