Black Hills in Autumn #3

I'm so enjoying my memories and photos of this latest trip to South Dakota and wanted to share a bit more of it with you.

I tend to focus on the small details in my photos; my husband is better at landscape photos. Using the TV setting on my camera, I tried to capture some of the waterfalls in Spearfish Canyon this trip. Below is part of Roughlock Falls; visiting them in the autumn has been a tradition of autumn since my toddler days. It was so exciting to see them again in the fall after seven years. I will share more about the Canyon in a later post.

I love the unexpected treasures of autumn, finding new things where we don't expect it, such as berries and seedheads that we don't recall ever seeing before, even in familiar territory. Does this ever happen to you?

The green moss that grows down in this canyon and other ones is so striking to me these days. I love the way it looks when the sun hits it and crackly leaves are scattered on it.

A wildrose bush hanging over Spearfish Creek. Many years ago, I collected such rosehips and tried to make tea out of them. I don't remember having terribly great results, however!

Have you stumbled across any small surprises lately, whether in nature or elsewhere?


ELK said...

thank you thank you for that feast for the eyes!

lots of great nature to see if we focus ~ usually see it on my walk or early morning backyard

Happy Saturday

Shawna said...

We went on a hike and found a bright orange snake in the woods. My husband freaked out and I dove in for a photo. He was just sunbathing, after all! I'll have to post it soon. :O)

Cloudscome said...

I came here from Shutter Sisters. Your photos are so gorgeous! I am putting you in my blogroll.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

This past weekend I took in some of the fall colors.....I always feel like I've never seem them before.....I find myself amazed no matter how many times I've seen them.

Linn said...

These are wonderful. Makes me long for the outdoors. We've been stuck inside on post vacation cleanup mode for the past week. As soon as our intense winds blow over, we're heading outside to find some fall for ourselves. Thanks for inspiring me.

Jessica said...

That waterfall shot is stunning!

Letters From Midlife said...

You have such a gift for seeing and capturing the beauty of the little things in nature. Thank you for sharing them.

Kellie H said...

wow..that first photo is amazing!!...found u thru shutter sisters