Black Hills in Autumn #1

Today I am thankful for so many things:

The chance to go home again, back in the autumn season for the first time in seven years.
A refreshing, delightful eleven days with family and old friends.
Surviving another plane trip (this time on my own) with the help of a sedative, lots of prayer, and helpful flight attendants.
Hours and hours outdoors enjoying the Black Hills in autumn.
Fun gatherings and excursions with family and friends.
Having roots in such an exceptional part of the country.
Getting to see my nephew at the cute age of 18 months.
And so much more!

What are you thankful for?


Linn said...

What beautiful signs of fall. We don't get many fall signs here, but I do enjoy the earlier darkness in the evening. Yes, 18 months is an adorable age! (Especially for visiting, not for living with!)

Mimi said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

ELK said...

thankful that my old friend contacted me (see blog)
thankful that a blog friend is back(you)
Thankful I am done with work today (eight classes of preschool kids nusic and movement!)

Emily said...

Wow. That last photo. Gorgeous. We planted a wee little maple a few years ago. I hope by my 82nd Christmas I might be able to use it as my Christmas card backdrop, because it will certainly take 52 years to look that majestic.

tracey clark said...

love the leaf with the water drops.

Anonymous said...

I love these fall pictures. I am actually grateful for the exact same thing. I'm going "home" tomorrow for a ten day stay as well. Can't wait to see leaves like these. Great post!

Gretchen said...


mimi11460 said...

Beautiful collection of pictures..See mine if you can thanks..

Meadowlark Days said...

Thanks, everyone - hope you're enjoying fall where you are!

Elizabeth said...

Your photos are a delight !
Thanks for sharing them !

Marfa said...

Lovely photos....I love the fall. What I'm thankful for right now is a husband who makes a really great apple pie!!!