Visions of America

It's Visions of America over at Shutter Sisters today in honor of the Fourth of July. This certainly isn't my best shot, but I practically grew up in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore. Those of us who have become accustomed to seeing it over the years, I think, take the monument for granted and don't always appreciate it for what it is. But millions of people from around the world come to visit the Shrine to Democracy, as it is often called, and their interest in this mountain and what it stands for is inspiring.


Rebeca said...

Oh, I forgot to answer your question about the blueberries. Our bushes only provide us with enough for snacking on at this point. We're looking forward to having a more bountiful harvest in a few years as they mature. We do, however, freeze a few gallons of blueberries in small containers. We use them for smoothies, pancakes, breakfast cereal, muffins, etc. Blueberry pie is really nice, and my son loves to just eat them frozen!

littlepurplecow said...

I must see this one day! Thank you for sharing at Shutter Sisters. Happy fourth of July to you.

Marfa said...

Lovely...we almost went there for vacation last month, but the weather was stormy, hopefully next year!

Happy 4th!!!

Emily said...

Beautiful. This shot is a post card.

Meadowlark Days: said...

Thanks, everyone! And Martha, please do let me know if you go to SD so I can give you travel tips!