It seems the last two months have been filled with more good things and meaningful, affirming experiences with family and friends than I can fully appreciate and take in! We recently returned from an incredibly blessed trip to the Northeast, where we baptized our new goddaughter, among other smaller adventures. We were smitten with her sweet, smiley personality and amusing five-month-old ways. Watching our godsons, her two older brothers, interact with her was also amusing and quite sweet. We have now been good friends with their parents for five years; I am grateful for the way in which old friendships such as theirs ground us and provide a sense of stability, even when we can’t talk or see each other very often due to geographical distance. I always wanted another sister, so it’s even more rewarding to have friends who’ve become such a big part of our lives that they are like family.

My godchildren have influenced me greatly and taught me many things, mostly about love and what it means to be a grown-up. If I had more eloquent words, I would try to describe the humbling, profound privilege of serving as Orthodox godparents; right now all I can do is smile, a bit misty-eyed, remembering each of their baptisms and the delightful way they have made a home in our hearts, praying that they will grow into the fullness of the faith in the years ahead.


DebD said...

lovely photos. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I especially love the top one.
Congrats to you and the little one.

Rebeca said...

How beautiful. Our baby will be baptized in the next few months- our first "cradle" baby. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed visiting yours and seeing your lovely pictures.

Meadowlark Days: said...

Thanks for your compliments. She's a sweetheart.

Michelle Melania said...

I love these photos!

Mimi said...

Somehow, your blog isn't pulling through my Bloglines, I just discovered this. Gorgeous photos, congratulations!