Dame's Rocket

A topic near and dear to my heart over at Shutter Sisters today: the simple treasures that we find in nature, and those places that keep us grounded. The Black Hills keep me grounded; seeking treasures there such as spring wildflowers is a favorite pasttime.

What places keep you grounded? What are your favorite treasures found in nature?


Marfa said...

Is that phlox? A friend from Vermont gave us some of her phlox and they just started flowering!!!

Marfa said...

Oh....Dame's Rocket, not Phlox!

So, to answer your question, one of my favorite things found in nature is edibles. I enjoy hiking and finding wild blueberries or raspberries!

Meadowlark Days said...

We thought it was phlox until we looked it up!

We loved to pick raspberries in the forest when we were children...fun memories.