Shutter Sisters: Love Thursday

One of my husband's co-workers gave these adorable sets of heart-shaped measuring spoons as favors at her wedding last year. She'd attended culinary school, so it was a sweet idea. I couldn't resist taking photos of them to use on anniversary and wedding cards!

What creative party favors (wedding or otherwise) have you seen? What are some of your favorite party or wedding memories (yours or others)?


it's me, Val said...


Happy LT!

angie said...

What a good idea! Great picture, too.

Mia's Mama said...

Lovely shot. I love the colors.

Mia has a set of heart measuring cups and spoons for her play kitchen. I don't think she's noticed that they are hearts...but I know :)

Marfa said...

Well, you've probably seen the ones we made up for my sister's bridal shower last month: