My hope for myself and all of you in 2010: new growth, new roots put down for nourishment, new leaves stretching toward the sun. I will be trying to do more seed gardening this year, so these things are on my mind. I plan to stay home this festive eve and take time to review 2009 and reflect on the year ahead - not to set resolutions so much as just to refocus and reevaluate. Will it be possible to thin out those parts of my life that are unhealthy or unproductive, making room for better things? Like the nasturtium seedlings above: I hated to pull them out of the ground, but I knew if I didn't that the ones left behind would not be able to grow as strong. I admired the way they sprouted so confidently out of the seeds, and then I left them in the garden to return to the soil. I'd love to hear about your goals for 2010.

For those of you I'm not linked with on facebook, I wanted to share that I have an essay out in the new issue of Relief: A Literary Christian Expression. (It's only in print, not online. And a disclaimer: their bloggers are an odd lot and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of this author! But I always enjoy the essays, poems, and short stories in Relief.)


Marfa said...

Simplicity. I've been thinking about the new year and what I wish most in life. Just a simple life...no multitasking, time for prayer and my family.

Pres. Kathy said...

I agree with Martha. May you have a blessed new year.