Simple Joys

Galveston is only about an hour away but we rarely go. Everytime we are there, I vow to visit more often, at least in the winter when it's not unbearably hot. Walking on the beach is a universal pleasure - a calming, peaceful experience, as I'm sure you know. My favorite beach to walk on is Cannon Beach in Oregon, but it has been many years since I have been there. The Central and Northern California shore line also has some wonderful beaches for walking.
But mostly in the last few weeks, I've been attempting to organize and declutter. Four boxes of magazines recycled (even the scrapbooking ones that I thought I'd never part with!), a few donation runs, and some items listed on ebay. There's still more to do for a packrat queen such as myself, but I've made a dent. We've replaced an ineffective gutter and today a crew is coming to texture the wallpapered walls in my bathrooms (we'll see if they can actually remove the wallpaper, since it's applied directly to the drywall by the builders). These projects are very long overdue.
Do you have favorite beaches to walk on, or other locations?


KatCollects said...

I love your beautiful photos. I could soooo use a trip to the beach, it is totally relaxing and peaceful to me. I have been to Cannon Beach in Oregon a few times but not for several years either. It is so beautiful there. I hope you are doing well.

ELK said...

i think your photos are just what i needed today...ANY beach in the winter is charming and a completely different feel...so glad I stopped by

Judy said...

Lovely photos. Simple joys are the best.

Missed you for tea.