Late August Impressions

There have been things I've wanted to share, but suddenly blogger won't let me copy and paste from Word, as is my usual m.o. for longer posts. Has this happened to you? So I'm just stopping by to share some simple pleasures I've squirreled away this week in between long study sessions. These $6 roses to start with. A late afternoon weekday matinee by myself, much needed escape from the books - Julie & Julia, which left me dreaming about roast chicken and beef stew. Playing with solar print paper in the backyard. Selling some old bookshelves through Craig's List - cash! 99-cent French bread from Whole Foods, toasted with butter - butter nearly rivals chocolate as one of my biggest temptations. Drinking the looseleaf jasmine & vanilla tea that my sister sent me this spring from the little organic grocery in our hometown, nibbling on small squares of dark chocolate with it while I study. Getting my first glazed and fired pieces back from pottery class. A hilarious package from my sister that left me giggling all day. New-to-me books from PaperbackSwap, setting them aside to read once this exam is behind me. Anticipation! Neighborhood children back in school, which makes afternoon shopping much quieter. A sleepy dog, who gives me something cute to look at while I study.
What simple pleasures have you had lately?


elizabeth said...

Love the first picture esp. Reminds me of Georgia O'Keefee.

Too bad about the other posts though not working with MS Word; I write my posts in blogger; can you cut and paste from Word to blogger?
I would love to read them if you can post them!

Have a great day!

Letters From Midlife said...

I've enjoyed produce from Caitlin's future mother in law! She has been so generous and admits its because she's tired of canning and freezing things.

Nate's back in school so I've also enjoyed the hours of solitude puttering around the house.

KatCollects said...

Hi Kristina,
I love this sweet post of yours. Your simple pleasures sound wonderful. And I love the color of the roses, beauitufl. This week I have been enjoying spending time with my Son before he leaves to head to his new station. We popped popcorn last night and watched 2 movies together, it was so nice. Watching him and my Daughter playing catch outside and them laughing, love that. Trying some new recipes, holding my pet bunnies and brushing them, watching them run around in their yard pens playing, big hugs from my children. I have always believed that a good ife is made up of those little moments we treasure. I hope you have a wonderful day!

elk said...

what a vivid color for a rose...simple pleasures include the sound of writing on the page, sliding into bed at the end of the long day, cool water from the hose on a parched plant....just to name a few!

Shawna said...

i've heard of another blogger experiencing that lately, how weird. guess it's not just you!

i can't wait to see julie and julia, i just need to find a chick friend to go with me...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, as always. Simple pleasures: my preschooler's infectious laugh, making my first berry tart, feeling a cooler breeze in the air. Lovely.

Marfa said...

Today I got the final issue of Handmaiden...and saw your commentary! I am so disappointed they're not going to continue this...I keep thinking of doing something ourselves and my sister suggested a sisterhood-mini-mag, something simple even. She has marble floors in her church and wants to know how best to clean wax drippings, for example, it could be a place for women of the sisterhoods to share their ideas...would you like to brainstorm the subject with us?