A Walk in the Woods

This little canyon is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. My last day at home included a peaceful two-hour walk here with my husband. It was overcast and cool, as most of the month was. Spring was slow this year; in late May, all the tender little leaves and plants were just making their way out of the ground.

One of the town residents acknowledges our arrival, leaving after a covert meeting at the community hall. We saw more deer than people on this hike - perhaps they are secretly taking over!

This is the river we follow the entire way. The path is an old road, which makes for easy walking.

Dainty seeds dangle from the branches; I was enamored with their beauty.

The moss down here is so thick that you'd think you were in the Pacific Northwest.

I always swoon over baby aspen leaves. I love the way they gently unfold from a tight little roll.

Beautiful young ferns appeared to be awaking from sleep, reluctantly stretching and unfurling their tendrils to greet spring.
Leaving this canyon is difficult; I could spend all day here! Its beauty and uniqueness make me feel as though I'm walking through a children's storybook, never knowing what treasure will appear on the path before me.


Letters From Midlife said...

The photos are wonderful and capture what you describe. I'm hoping to get a better digital camera soon so I can actively pursue my own love of photography, especially nature photography.

Meadowlark Days said...

Thank you! I'm sure you'd enjoy an upgraded digital camera - it's amazing what they can do.

sweetsalty kate said...

beautiful. I feel refreshed just to read it.

Meadowlark Days: said...

Thank you, Kate - it truly is a refreshing place.