A Day in Sioux Falls

I am sometimes amazed at how much one can fit into a day. I suppose it seems more striking when everything is new and novel. Looking at these pictures, I realize again what an enjoyable, relaxed day we had exploring Sioux Falls with family that we hadn't seen in awhile. And that must be one of the main benefits of travel: to lift us out of the quotidian rhythms of our lives, crack off some of the muddy plaster of routine from our minds, and help us surprise ourselves anew at our ability to enjoy and be open to the world around us.

Several years ago, Sioux Falls, SD was voted the best place in the country to live. At the time, being rather prejudiced favorably toward the western half of the state, I wondered why it merited that distinction. Having visited it again, however, I understand what a truly nice town it is.

The Sertoma Butterfly House was all aflutter with these beauties, in larger number than butterfly houses we've seen in large cities.

St. Joseph's Cathedral was striking and welcomingly quiet and peaceful inside.

How nice it must be to have all these waterfalls in the city park!

Whimsical sculpture lines the downtown streets. This was one of my favorites.

All photos by my husband (who would have preferred that they be post-processed in Photoshop before being posted, but I'm not that picky...at least not in this instance!)

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Marfa said...

WOW! Your husband's a great photographer!!!