Saturday Snaps

Images from last Saturday:

A delightful surprise from my dear old friend Jennifer was waiting for me when I returned from our trip the other week - a box of handsewn flowering tea from this fascinating company (the photos on their website are much better than my attempt!) My husband and I were both intrigued to watch it slowly unfurl and open into a bloom in the hot water. Many thanks, Jennifer! It arrived at the perfect time, and was something I'd always wanted to try. I'm always very touched by surprises such as this one - brought a big smile to my face! Hopefully someday we can sit down together again over some steaming tea!

Another library book sale - $12.50 for this entire pile! It's quite a mad crush; within 15 minutes of opening the room is so packed one can barely move. I try to arrive early to get in line, and then move quickly and decisively to make my selections!

My first attempt at using memory wire - found some gorgeous beads in South Dakota!

And, some bright orange beets, purchased on my first visit to the very fabulous grocery store where a good friend works (I showed up just in time for her lunch break; it was completely unplanned - I love spontaneous time with friends - it doesn't happen often enough!)

Have a great Saturday!


stan said...

My attempts to take pictures of flowering tea are usually unsuccessful but I too love to watch them unfurl and show their beauty; the tea is also very tasty even if brewed several times.

Marfa said...

Beautiful beets!

Inside My Shell said...

That looks like a great saturday! I wish I could borrow half of the book stack from you, though!

Meadowlark Days: said...

Tea, books, and fresh food seem to be popular with most everyone (well, at least most everyone who reads this little blog!) Thanks, all!