Nectar into Honey

My purple salvia attract several kinds of bees, including the giant black ones that are always so striking. Watching this one as she busily gathered nectar in the garden in this weekend, I wondered where her hive is and what the honey will taste like from the salvia nectar. And I wondered: What do we do with the ‘nectar' that we gather on our souls as we go through life, brushing up against relationships and choices, buzzing from one point in life to another? As we collect experience, as our souls are coated with it as a bee’s legs are coated as she works, can we transform it into something sweet? Is it sweeter when pooled with the offerings that other people bring, just as bees in a hive work together to gather enough nectar to make the sweet honey? And how long does it take for the sweetness to take hold? And what about the pollen that is gathered extraneously along with the nectar? Do we pass it along to those we come into contact with, sharing with them its benefits?


Mimi said...

What a beautiful reflection, thank you!

may we all turn our pollen into honey!

(and, I love that Meli means sweet like the name Melitsa - sweet face, and Melissa.)

Meadowlark Days said...

Glad you liked it, Mimi!