Baby Quilt

In the spirit of full disclosure, sewing is not something that I really enjoy very much. In fact, my hubby usually lies pretty low when I'm sewing because it tends to put me in a pretty bad mood! But, I love fabric, and I love to be able to make cute gifts for people, curtains for the house, etc. And the more I sew, the more I learn. I also have a new machine which has made it easier than using my lovely old 1970s Kenmore, which was starting to have issues.

This is a quilt and burp rags for our new goddaughter. I used the Hugs & Kisses pattern from Strawberry Patches. The green stripes are dotted minkee and the back is a lovely soft, pink flannel.

Many more projects in mind, just have to find the time!


pebbledash said...

That's very pretty. I love fabric too - and mostly my sewing skills don't do the fabric justice!

Mimi said...

Those are so gorgeous!

I can't sew, it's one of those gifts I'd like to just wake up with.