Last Spring's Iris

Out of all the plant life I miss most from living up north, I believe that peonies, lilacs, and irises are probably my top three. A few gardeners seem to be able to coax irises to grow here in the South, but I haven’t even tried yet. Last spring we made the trek into town to visit the Japanese garden in bloom; I was truly delighted to find this lone, lush purple iris in the midst of skinnier yellow ones. A recent morning rain rendered it even more charming.

Of course, there are things that grow beautifully here that don’t do so well up north: azaleas, pink magnolias, and red buds to name a few. More posts to come about those lovelies!
What are your favorite flowers?


Marfa said...

Last year we bought a lilac...it was so small, but this year, we have green leaves starting...so I'm sure we'll have fragrant blossoms before you know it!

pebbledash said...

Beautiful photos, such vibrant colour.