Traveling Tea

Often when I travel, I bring along a little assortment of tea. It seemed especially important to do so for last week's trip to Oregon, since I knew the weather would be cool and I'd likely be spending a lot of time reading and wanting a warm mug next to me. Tazo's Joy - their Christmas blend - has long been a favorite, and I stock up as soon as it appears around Thanksgiving.
Tea, of course, wasn't the only yummy thing about our visit to the coast. Here are some other highlights:
~Many hours on the beach, walking and reading.
~Finding peonies at the farmer's market! In July!
~Freshly baked cookies from Waves of Grain, a local bakery - moist and perfect.
~Enormous sugar snap peas at the farmer's market, perfect for snacking on at the beach, a long favorite.
~The constant sound of the ocean.
~Being able to sleep with the windows open - so incredibly quiet and cool.
~The glistening shore at low tide, mist and fog.
~Exuberant gardens around town.
~The silouettes of mountains and evergreens on the horizon (Houston is really flat.)
~Being able to wear sweatshirts, scarves, and even hats in July (Houston is really hot.)
So make a cup of tea, close your eyes for a moment, and imagine you're soaking up some of this peace as well.
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~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

thank you for the wonderful imagery and pics of your special getaway ... wish I could click my heals and zoom from Virginia to Oregon ... sounds like my kinda place

Lovely T post
Happy T Tuesday to you!

La Dolce Vita said...

Happy t tuesday! love your photos and I featured Tazo today too! I too just returned from a trip and took my little bag of teas with me! great post!

Yvonne said...

Have just joined T Tuesdays and I'm really enjoying everyones posts, some I knew already and some I'm getting to know, like you. :) I enjoyed your post very much as I could just feel the coolness of the morning. Hope you visit me sometime for Tea or anytime.

Kimmie said...

what a wonderful getaway if you're coming from houston .... I have to chuckle at your hats, scarves, sweatshirts description .... I am so tired of dressing in layers! I'm just waiting for the heat to turn up around here - summer is so very brief!

Have a beautiful day today and every day! Kimmie

Dianne said...

Lovely post! I always have tea with me when I travel...

Janelle said...

That looks just heavenly--it is so unpleasant here in Virginia right now!

I always tuck a few tea bags into my purse when we travel. It's comforting to be able to make a cup of "your" tea, even far from home, isn't it?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I felt like I was on vacation with you, sipping some of your wonderful tea you brought with you. Lovely photos and inspiring words. Happy Tea today.

bad penny said...

How lovely - a cool breeze through the window is a must for me.
My mother has the blue bowl in your picture too ( She brought a lot of ceramics back from Singapore in the 60's )- I stayed with her last week & filled it with nuts when her neighbours came for a drink.

KatCollects said...

Beautiful photos. I will be going to the Oregon Coast the first of October, I can't wait. I love their passion tea. Wishing you all the best.

Nancy said...

Your T place sounds like heaven, enjoy :)

Shawna said...

0h how i love the gray sands shot. glad you got to come up this way. i love the pnw :O)

Kat said...

Hello! I got a postcard from you in the wishstudio swap and so I popped on over to the blog, and what do I see but images of one of my very favorite places - the Oregon coast! Thanks so much for the beautiful post card with the inspiring quote. I'll be coming back, your images here are beautiful!