In the Details

It may be a cliche, but I never cease to wonder at the exquisite detail in the natural world all around us. The complexity and beauty of even a small flower or mushroom is noteworthy. I've heard atheist professors openly admit that the intricacies of the human body are the biggest challenge to their disbelief: How do our arms know to grow to the same length in the womb? How are our amazing, complex eyes created so perfectly, essentially little cameras in our heads? I think this detail in nature is partly why I love the Psalms so much - so many of them delineate God as He is revealed in nature. The Psalms are on my mind especially now that Lent has begun and I'm reading/praying a chunk of them daily. A group of twenty women around the country are rotating through the Kathismas (ah, the internet); between all of us, the Psalms are prayed in their entirety every day. Knowing that I'm responsible to fulfill my portion keeps me motivated to keep with it daily. Having gone through most of Christ in the Psalms last year, I also find myself seeing Christ revealed in the Psalms so much more than I did before. It's really quite striking. I also remember what Kathleen Norris wrote in Acedia & me. She continually referenced the psalms and noted that the desert fathers and mothers considered praying of the psalms to be essential for overcoming acedia. I appreciated this insight.
On another note, I'm expecting more houseguests tomorrow! If you're interested, there will be a small post from me on 40 Maxims (see side bar) on March 7.


Letters From Midlife said...

I loved this post. I never cease to wonder at all the details God worked out in creation and from reading the Psalms, I know the author(s) felt the same way.

Pres. Kathy said...

To see these beautiful pictures first thingn in the morning really makes me grateful for everything God has given us!

Emily said...

Love the mushroom!

Anonymous said...

Beauty in the details, yep it's really mind blowing when you take the time to notice them.

I read the Psalms a lot when I was a teen. It was like little bits of poetry.

KatCollects said...

Your pictures and post are always so inspiring. I love nature. When my Daughter was young we would take what I called "nature walks" around our neighborhood. Before we would leave the house I would tell her 5 things for us to look for that day. Like a yellow flower, a white rock, a butterfly, etc... I always wanted her to enjoy all the beauty God gives us every day. I hope your weekend is a relaxing one.

Janelle said...

I have Acedia and Me on my TBR pile--my mother-in-law got it for me for Christmas. I'm glad to hear she references the Psalms.

When you think about how little anyone knew about the natural world and the way our bodies develop back when the Psalms were written, you can understand the wonder they express. But what I think is so cool is that we know so much more now, but it actually makes the wonder even more immense!

Anonymous said...

That mushroom photo is amazing! The texture is perfect.

Mimi said...

I greatly enjoyed your Forty Maxims post, you rock!

And, what a beautiful post, thank you. Enjoy your visitor.

Meadowlark Days said...

You are all so sweet! Thank you for your words.