Garden Update

My appearances here are becoming less and less! This isn’t intentional, just a side effect, I suppose, of having lots to do. We’ve been putting quite a bit of time into the garden, and I’ve also been hidden away working on a personal essay for a writing workshop I’m in.

Little by little, we’ve been doing a lot in the garden. Last weekend I planted quite a few herbs and some new flowers in my main bed, which has the advantage of its soil already being amended and improved. Trying to garden with a young dog at my heels was quite entertaining! He would grab small pots and run off with them, bite flowers off of plants, and eat the herbs. He was being silly, and he knew it.

We’ve also been working on putting in a new flower garden in the big empty spot where we lost a nice tree in Hurricane Ike last September. After I tried to plant a few things there, I realized the soil desperately needed to be amended before much more went in the ground. So my lucky husband has been digging in countless bags of peat moss and potting soil the past two days! Bless his heart. I laid twenty bags of mulch while he was working on that, and suspect that I will be hard-pressed to move tomorrow as a result.

The best part is that I did put new plants into the amended bed, digging them in this afternoon. I’m quite excited about this and hope that everything thrives and does well! If it does, I will share pictures. We still have work to do, but I think the worst of it is over.

What home and garden projects have you been working on?


Pres. Kathy said...

We haven't done anything in the garden yet because it is snowing here in Chicago! Around the house we are finishing organizing our bedroom. The closets are next!

ELK said...

such a sweet garden helper! keep digging

elizabeth said...

I do not have a garden as I live in an apartment - funny. I just reailzed that I live in a highrise apartment (only 12 or so floors)... when I was a young teenager I remember agreeing with my brother that I would never live in an apartment! (I grew up in the country and did not know anyone nearby who was an apartment dweller). I do know people who have mini-gardens on thier belcony and some who grow tomattoes and herbs... Perhaps I will do this someday, but this year I will be content to finish setting up house! :)

love the very cute dog! would love to see garden pictures!

Sundries Sublime said...

I LOVE your puppy!