Inspiring Photos

Wayfaring Wanderer of the beautiful photos is hosting another unique giveaway (deadline is midnight tonight.) Her challenge to us was to post about a photographer who inspires us. I stumbled upon Ansel Olson on flick earlier this year and was immediately captivated by the ethereal images he created in his en plein air set. These photos are like paintings; they exude peace and calm. He has managed to capture such beauty. Please stop by if you are in need of a visual vacation.

(By the way, Jennifer is also hosting a giveaway that ends today.)


Jessica said...

I live near a photography museum (George Eastman, who made cameras accessible to us common folks lived in my home town) and last year there was an Ansel Adams exhibit there. It was breathtaking and I spent hours staring (and drooling!) at his photos.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Not to shabby for another Ansel:)

I really enjoyed the mood of his work. I like the mood of your blog too. Really soothing.

Happy Thanksgiving too!