Today I am...

Working on an essay while lounging in my pj's.

Thankful for a yummy lunch of noodles with feta, pepperoni, onions, tomatoes, and basil.

Puttering with some beads and earring ideas.

Enjoying some strawberries.

Daydreaming about craft projects and other ideas.

Imagining that autumn is here because of the sound of the breeze and the train in the distance (even though autumn won't really arrive where I live for a few more months.)

How about you?


Linn said...

Wow. That sounds like my kind of lazy day. Today I am: recovering from a weekend seminar I went to, pruning the roses and hydrangeas, trying to get in a nap, and loving on my boys after missing them for a few days. Have a great day!

hrsj said...

i lounged in my pj's till almost lunchtime today, isn't that a great thing about holidays?! :)

oh, i think i need to go see your previous post about the toffee cookies!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I hung out in my pj's all day, too!

Simply Stork said...

beautiful pics...lovely berries :o)


Marfa said...

We had a very laid-back Labor Day, too. We went to the store together, got new PUR filters & groceries. Oh, yes, I want to make that recipe...thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica said...

That sounds like a great way to welcome in September. I spent labor day with my family, but today I spent it at work, welcoming little kiddos into our school making them excited for a fresh, new school year. I need to make those toffee cookies, too!