A Few Little Projects

I haven't had as much time as usual lately for crafting, but I thought I'd share a few little projects with you.

I finally made some earrings with a some of the gorgeous stone beads I found in South Dakota this spring:

ATCs for Mimi's swap - can't wait to see everyone else's!

Hmm - my very first attempts at acrylic painting in a local class - the one on the left was the first one I've ever done; the one on the right was the second (and was black and white, now glazed with color):

Putting together invitations for a friend's India-themed engagement party to be held during my upcoming trip to SoDak (can't wait!):

Not the greatest picture, but this is a 'thank you' necklace of ceramic beads and bronzey fresh water pearls for my pen friend Cindy, who sent me a very generous package of lovely stationery this summer:
What are you working on?


Elizabeth said...

They are all wonderful !
I wish I was creative, but the only thing I can do these days is plain knitting :-(

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Looks like you've had plenty of time to do some crafting! Neat variety of projects here.

Me, nothing but pictures......

andie said...

Helloooo!! Omg, you are one talented lady! Adore each of these projects but of course am most fond of your pear painting. Love the movement in it!

Mimi said...

Your ATCs are so lovely, I think you'll be happy - there's one left to come in and then they will be on the way.

I've been making cards.

Letters From Midlife said...

I've really enjoyed the necklace Kristina! I wore it to church with a green outfit one week then wore it again with a purple top earlier this week. It looked great with both. Thank you again. I love it.

Meadowlark Days said...

Thanks, everyone! Elizabeth, I wish I could knit. Wander, you take great pictures. Mimi, I love your cards. And Andie, I love your paintings!

elizabeth said...

wow. that is wonderful; what beautiful things! i like to paint water colours... abstract tear shapes mostly, simple but good for my inward health! :)

thanks for sharing these!

spread your wings said...

love your pear paintings. one my favorite paintings that i did is of pears. there is just something so beautiful about the shape. for a first painting this is fantastic. it inspires me to get painting again.