Self Portrait

I'm new to the whole self-portrait phenomenon; as an adult, I've become reluctant to have my picture taken. I'm a simple person who doesn't like to bother with hair and makeup when there are so many other things that need to be done; a shower, moisturizer, and clean clothes are enough to get my day started. I like to think this relative indifference toward my appearance doesn't matter, but photos sometimes tell an opposite story!

While making dinner the other day, however, I noticed that the glossy surface of my sister's Brown Betty teapot was reflecting nearly everything in the kitchen, so I pulled out the camera, mostly from curiosity. You can see eggshells in a glass, crates of strawberries, the fridge behind me, and - me!


DebD said...

I love that, what a great idea. I don't like my pix to be taken either.

Matthew said...

Hello, dear friend!

I am deeply enjoying your blog...I find a lot of peace in your writing and the thoughts that you have shared! I am looking forward to reading more...miss you. suzy (the i.d. posting is my husbands!

Meadowlark Days said...

Thanks, Deb. And Suzy, so good to hear from you, as always! Miss you, too. K