A Tea Kettle From My Past

We've had sporadic internet problems due to a lightning storm, but we think (hope) the problem is solved now...so I'm back for Tea Tuesday! I have been rather obsessively going through closets and clutter these last few weeks. I even opened up the pile of sketches from Drawing 101 that had been taped up between two big pieces of cardboard for many years, sight unseen. (Drawing 101 was a very long time ago!) I enjoyed seeing the sketches again, and felt kind of sad that I haven't kept up with drawing, even if I have done lots of other arts and crafts in the meantime. I was intrigued by how many times the tea kettle in the bottom drawing showed up in the still lives - our professor obviously found it worthy of repeated attempts. The other images are also momentos of my past: the violin that I haven't touched in years, the Chuck Taylors that I wore in high school and college, my Great Uncle Louis who often visited for Christmas during those years. I kept these sketches, although many of them ended up on the curb (after being photographed if I liked them well enough - thank goodness for digital photography.) I was surprised that I finally let them go, since I tend to be very sentimental. But a big part of me is feeling that by letting things go, removing them from my home, I am making room in my life for new things.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's great to see these sketches. I only wish I could draw, but that's one gift I'll never master. And your sketches are adorable. So realistic, too. Nice study material.

Sorry to hear about your internet. Blogger has been my thorn this week. Hope all is well, now, though.

elizabeth said...

Nice. I can relate to this

"But a big part of me is feeling that by letting things go, removing them from my home, I am making room in my life for new things."

I have to do more of this myself...

nice to hear from you via your blog! :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

good for you being able to let go ... for me it seems a process and not one that goes smoothly ... life moves so fast it seems!

great sketches pretty darn good for 101

Happy T to ya, hope your computer issues are all cleared up ... it's never fun when it goes down


Kimmie said...

I love the sketches! I still have my big art portfolios from school and can't bear to part with them. I just have to think of how much I'd love to have my Dad's early work from his school days and I am incentivised :)

But your way makes more sane sense - especially with digital photography!

Thanks for sharing! Happy T today! Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Love the sketches, the subjects and the sentiment, thanks for sharing and good for you to toss and renew! Christen

Bea said...

Oh, what a wonderful find when you found those sketches. I bet you could remember actually doing them too. Perhaps they have resurfaced at this time in your life because you now have acquired many other skills and can use these as inspiration or in your craft that you are doing today? :)Bea

bad penny said...

Wonderful revisiting these. I used to find drawing still life so tedious !

Marfa said...

I should go through my drawings...did a lot in college...lots of nudes, too. I really like the lines on the one of the shoes...chuck taylors?
Thanks for sharing!!!

KatCollects said...

You are very talented. I have been trying to let some things go too. I think I am more of a autumn cleaner than a spring cleaner : ) I just want more room to breath, to create, it's time to simplify.